It was winter 2008 when three best friends, who had spoken about and dreamed of playing together in a band one day, decided to stop complaining once and for all and turn words into deeds. Because of mutual hobbies and other interests, it was very easy and painless for the guys with previous playing experience to get everything started. In the first band rehearsal ever, it was already clear that the band's setlist would consist of own, straight-forward and most of all, honest, cheerful and speedy songs. In those very same rehearsals the guys wrote their first song, Rollin' Paper. The same effortless pace continued in the songwriting and soon a comprehensive live set was ready.

Before the band even turned six months old, they had already played live in clubs and festivals with great success. After a few demo recordings and twenty-something super-energetic live gigs, The Honeys have released their first proper, self-paid, 5-track CD-EP, All Night Tonight, consisting of five action-packed rock songs, which encapsulates more than well the band's, and rock 'n' roll's in general, true message and meaning. And as always, Honey Hellraiser is best played loud with beer and/or in good company!

NEW! Saturday, September 17th 2016
  Lounaspiste, Karkkila

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